Wildlife & Environment Awareness

Environmental Art & Wildlife and Endangered Species Awareness

The rescue, preservation and reversal of endangerment of wildlife is an important subject and Wayne has created many environmental art pieces that demonstrate the power and aesthetic value of such species during his decades as a fine artist.

As a member of the Wildlife Waystation, which is based out of the Angeles National Forest, Wayne’s works have included a number of their featured animals.  Wayne and his family are also members of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, whose mission to nurture animal species and improve the human experience, is right in line with Wayne’s own passion for wildlife.

The Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep is a group dedicated to helping the big horns in the mountains above Palm Springs to survive better and to continue their existence.  Wayne has also contributed his talent on behalf of this group.

Environment Preservation and Enhancement

Wayne is a member of the Rainforest Action Network, a group which strongly advocates for responsibility and awareness of the consequences of broad destruction of the natural habitats wildlife need to thrive and forests which are critical to environmental balance.

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