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Whether you want a portrait of self or a loved one, whether you would like to have a favorite scene, car, location or even a favorite photograph memorialized in a stunning oil painting, Wayne can be consulted. Request commissioned art today from one of the best California artists.

There are many reasons in life where one may want to commission a painting: as a gift for a special holiday,  a religious holiday, a birthday, a special anniversary for a couple, the remembrance of a significant accomplishment or merely to capture the essence of a personality while a loved one is still a child. All of these moments can be remembered and relived with commissioned art.

Equally, there are as many potential backdrops that a commissioned work can be surrounded with.  Backgrounds can add character and can draw forth elements of personality, style or tastes of the art’s subject.

The recommended approach is to decide what you want as a piece of art:

  1. Imagine what you would like to see.  This may be a portrait, a place or your favorite pet.  Part of this can include envisioning the kind of background that may be most fitting.  Backgrounds can be diverse and range anywhere from simple color elements to striking fantasy scenes, or reproduced backdrops where the subject actually was.
  2. Determine where the painting will reside.  Possibly in a special room, on a certain wall or in a place where many passing people will see it.
  3. Decide on the purpose of the art.  It is a life-long gift for your mother, a remembrance of a pet or place?  Is it to promote a school, to memorialize a key benefactor of an institution or as an acknowledgement of a life-long accomplishment?  Possibly it is a special work to be auctioned to generate revenues for a specific charity.

Having these elements in mind helps make it possible to provide an aesthetic work which will abundantly satisfy the need for the painting.

It is important begin discourse with the artist early in the formulation of these concepts.  This consultative period not only facilitates the basic information exchange on what is wanted, it also allows the artist to have maximum opportunity to understand important nuances which can make all the difference to the end result.  Reversely, it can also broaden the commissioner’s understanding of available techniques and the array of possibilities for maximizing the expressiveness of the piece.

The purpose of this form is to provide a way to request a specific work of art.  Give a brief description of your wish including any important points, such as when you need the piece to be delivered.

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