Fine Art Paintings from Wayne Weberbauer

Welcome to the online gallery featuring exclusive fine art paintings from Wayne Weberbauer.  A master of lighting effects, Wayne has been a professional oil painter for 40 years and stands out among every fine artist in Los Angeles, California.  Offering his skills to an array of subject matter and categories of fine art, he has created an abundance of pieces for a variety of settings and has sold paintings to grateful owners in many countries.

New Art Showcase

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This website is here to provide clients with an avenue to request commissioned art, to purchase originals online or to obtain prints for anything available from Wayne’s collection.

As you peruse the pages and gallery of this site, it will become readily clear why Wayne’s work has aptly been described with such words as “vibrant”, “unique”,  stunning yet palpable.  More than one entire room has been designed and decorated around single pieces of his art.  Wayne’s attention to detail is something to behold, not the least of which includes appropriate use of plant life for the settings of his panoramic and wildlife and fantasy scene works.

In Wayne’s own words:

“It is my purpose to provide quality works of art for people to enjoy which invoke feelings of delight, wonderment and pride of ownership.  Every person has defined images which arouse their imagination and bring back fond memories.  I love giving them a beautiful painting of a like image in their home or office that they may treasure for many years to come.

“My art inspires the nature lover, the traveler, the naturalist and wildlife conservationist, the busy executive who rarely gets out of the office and the homemaker seeking a respite from the harriedness of the day.  I now explore new levels of imaginative fantasy scenes to augment the diversity of my work, realism with an impressionistic flair, producing an array of images to please art lovers around the world.”

Commissions from a Fine Artist in Los Angeles

100_4719 (1022x1280)Having done many commissioned works, Wayne has a flair for capturing essential subject elements, personality features or other aspects important to the art commissioner.  He is often available for, and takes great pleasure in creating portraits of family, pets or other loved ones, favorite scenery settings and other desired subjects.   He has a unique gift in understanding the needs and desires of his clients and fulfilling those desires in the framework of his own style.  Through this gift he produces outstanding pieces which will undoubtedly grow in sentimental and tangible worth through time.  Request a commissioned work and be astounded at the result.

Wildlife and Environment Preservation Awareness

As an environmental artist, Wayne has had a keen awareness of the need to protect and preserve wildlife and to conserve the environment for his entire career as an artist.  His passion for both is abundantly evident in his unique and magnetic treatments of both subject categories.


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